Manga Cafe Monday: Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

This is another manga that I came to after watching the anime. Let’s just go with the anime is freaking awesome and seriously needs the publisher to push both more manga and anime a lot faster. Please and thank you.

Both the manga and anime delve into dark gore. The MC ends up eating monster meat after someone betrays him and he falls into the deep recess of a dungeon. Between trauma, eating monster meat, and having a weird problem with healing regeneration, he kind of ends up with a slightly bent out of shape personality and some major power upgrades.

Also, finds himself a pretty sweet vampire girlfried-wife-partner. I love this partnership. I really really do. This type needs to be more prevalent in romance manga for all types. Seriously. He protects her, she protects them. They are both over powered, and both pretty much on the same page. It’s like watching a really stable married couple who can beat your ass and serve you tea and you don’t know who punched you and where the cup came from and you’re slightly concerned because the tea tastes super expensive.

The art in the manga is intricate, brutal, delicate, intense. The artists spend hecka-days on this thing is my bet for why they don’t release too often. It shows and it is on point.

This is one of those destructive anime types where, at least for me, I can get into the emotions of the MC. The indifference, the annoyance, and the sadistic smile he plasters on his face when something’s about to burn like a nuke drop. This, it is not pastel. It should come with some warning labels, but it rubs in all the good ways a pastel anime does for me. Maybe its the representation of destruction. It’s fleshed out where it needs to be, or goes into shadow mode without massive blackout bars. It gives you the concept that the MC has snapped.

At the same time, he hasn’t turned mushy, googoo eyed over the LI. He protects her, respects her, depends on her, and doesn’t treat her like eye candy or a little kid. In turn, she does the same for him. It’s refreshing, and I am so freaking here for this balance! Thank you!

Now, is the rest of the story troped out? Uh…yeah? I mean, it’s an Isekai. Quite a few characters got pulled into another world. There are gods who are using them as pawns for a war. There are dungeons, labyrinths, heroes, magic, powers, etc. etc. I can go on. I think I read somewhere once that a trope is only a trope if it is executed poorly. So, I’m not about to call this a trope story, but a genre example.

*chef’s kiss*

This thing just scratches all those itches. Even the humor, deadpan, and sarcasm are delivered beautifully. I know it’s good when I feel like I’m smiling just as maniacally as the MC is before he goes destroying things.

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