Video Game Review Tuesday: Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2)

Alright, so, if you read my post on Kingdom Hearts 1, you’re probably aware of my history with this game.

Instead of using the money mom and dad had saved up for my Junior year prom ticket, they let me buy Kingdom Hearts 2 brand new with it and I spent the entire weekend diving this game. Trust me, so much better than prom. I hate big crowds and that whole level of awkward.

This game was beautiful when it came out. Especially compared to the progression of the animatic stylization from Kingdom Hearts 1. There were more characters, more depth, and in general just a sense of continuation you wanted at the end of KH1.

The issue I had with the game though was that there were a series of KH games on outlayer consoles I was not aware of between KH 1 and KH2. There was a lot of storyline that gets missed between the two. I was thrown into a world with Roxas and the other characters and had almost no context as to who they were and why I should care about them.

Recently, KH and Square Enix has released for PS4 the 10 game set as one entirely playable single console game. I have plans of picking that one up and playing all of them in sequential order and doing reviews, that way, just maybe, the storyline will finally make some sense in my head.

Comparing KH1 and KH2, the story telling pattern was consistent. The directors didn’t mess with the rules or expectations, which probably was the reason for a continued fanbase.

Comparing KH2 to KH3, I much prefer KH2. KH3 has great graphics, but there were A LOT of additions to the platform in the realm of magic and summons that is, honestly, overwhelming. I still have no clue where some of the summons in KH3 came from, hence, why I say I need to pick up the full game series to play.

Back playing KH2, the graphics aren’t bad. They aren’t Breath of the Wild or Horizon Zero Dawn. They aren’t terrible though. It is an entirely playable game a little more than a decade later.

The bad part, in reviewing the game and writing up the article, I’m still way stuck in Stardew Valley land. I’ve found a game I am enjoying a ton, and it’s just a redundant little game compared to this epic. Maybe it has more to do with keeping up with a complex storyline? I am not giving myself as much time between games for reviews to really devote myself to the 50+ hours of time it takes to get through a full story game and do at least half of the side quests.

Would I suggest the game now? It’s a fun bit of retro and worth starting from the beginning. If you start off first with KH2 or KH3 without at least watching someone do a full play through of KH1, you are going to be lost on what is going.

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