Lovestory Manga Wednesday: Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki


This one’s good. This one’s very good.

I am going to suggest privacy for reading this one. There are a couple dark topics thrown into this as a heads up, but for the most part, it is just heavy on the…let’s calling heavy petting…scenes. Oh are they ever detailed.

Worth it. So worth it.

*ehem* clears throat. I’ll stopping feeling all warm around the cheeks here in a hot minute.

Art style. Yes. That’s a safe topic. Okay, so we’ve got distinct characteristics for body types and faces. Background is worked out, but not overworked or underwhelming. *Throws the papers.* Who the frack cares? That’s not why you wanted to open up this manga and read it! It has scenes. It has all the scenes. The scenes are good. Take my word for it, the scenes are really good.

*commence theatrical anime nosebleed*

Do the characters develop? For it being a short series based on a spin off, yes, in the time allotted. I appreciate that the MC and the LI can both admit to actions they take. That they can both be true to their feelings. That they can both admit to mistakes and traumas and issues that they have, and still be there for each other. Again, I said there were a couple dark topics in here that might be triggering to some people who have experienced trauma as a kid, so heads up about that. They flash back on those issues a couple times, but not for exaggerated amounts of time.

Hmmmm. Would I suggest it, even though I found the entire thing uhhhh…gratifying? Gratifying might be the right word. If I knew a person had some major childhood trauma issues, or issues with the concept of a person willingly using themselves to pay down a debt, then I’d say no. You’re not going to be able to be comfortable reading this.

If you can understand the nuance in some of these scenes as round about methods of manipulation for certain characters to achieve goals? I can step out of it. Allow myself to be uncomfortable with the situation as it presents itself, and be happy when the conclusion of the set up is for the “damsel in distress” rescues.

Honestly, I much prefer this one over Ten Count. I’m aweful tempted to buy a physical copy for my shelf…though that’d make some of my other house members uncomfortable, so I’ll just bookmark it instead.

There’s enough character development and a minor amount of subplot for a story, but it’s really just here to answer an itch, and does it ever do that well. Okay. I’ll stop. This is embarrassing. I have no regrets. Not sorry.

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