Anime Cinema Friday: Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle

This was cute.

This was super cute. And so gratifying at the same time. More often then not I get a shade wary of anything that looks like a lolicon trap. It’s just a build up for disappointing flat characters who are exploited for that weird child-like look and just grossed out shivers.

This is not that. No. No it is not.

This is something that flits along the lines of chaotic good, chaotic neutral, and chaotic evil and I loved it. Princess gets kidnapped by a demon king and ends up in a dungeon castle.

She isn’t scared though. Just thoroughly annoyed at being put through “rough treatment”. Think a chaotic version of The Princess and The Pea. This princess will straight up go and find her own solutions to a more comfortable sleep. Scratchy pillow? Hello defluffing some animals. Sometimes sentient blanket monsters end up getting slashed to ribbons so she can sleep on sparkly sheets. Sometimes she goes and steals a scary over the top glowing sword so that she can have a bit of a circadian rhythm kick to get better sleep.

The demon king’s castle is in chaos. Yet, all the monsters slowly develop a fondness for her shenanigans. She, I wouldn’t say she has Stockholme syndrome or anything of the sort, will forceably fix her problem and is more demon than the demons in the castle.

If there is any sense of romantic build up, it is super small and more a one sided thing. If I had to say it, I think the demon king develops a crush on her, and I’m making assumptions, but I think the princess is ace. She’s supposedly in that 17-18 year age bracket if I remeber, but I’m a bit waffly on that memory. Like, there is no motivation in any of her actions other than to return her to a state of peacefully sleeping equilibrium with any of her actions throughout the entire story.

Definitely worth watching if you’re needing slapstick humor without fear for the emotional wellbeing of the characters. Nothing in this is malicious for the sake of psych-horror or anything.

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