Manga Cafe Monday: Kimetsu no Yaiba

The anime and the manga for this one are both spectacular. To be frank though, I liked the anime more. It did not provide as much depth as the manga, however, the art style was much more easy to grasp animated. The coloration was much more vibrant, lending the loud,heavy line work to really shine as a true style.

It plays rather well as a short version of most any shonen jump manga. Over powered MC learning to harnass his powers while going through struggles, trials, tribulations. It takes Naruto and Bleach up a couple notches, but doesn’t quite revolutionize the industry like Jujutsu Kaisen did.

Having the manga end early, rather than turning it into an “epic” with 500+ chapters was an interesting decision by the design team and appreciated from some of us older readers who were getting tired of the multi-arc format from some of the big manga series that just lose their robustness with yet another contrived “I got you now” villain.

I very much want to see off-shoot anime and manga that deal in the other characters, but as their own solid off-shoots and not some minor arc meant to break up the main story line.

It’s an easy piece to get into, and I didn’t feel let down when it wrapped itself up. I rather appreciated that the author knew when to start that process and didn’t push their luck in hoping they could invent yet another jumping-the-shark scenario. The characters are mildly static in a shonen jump stereotype way. That’s not always a bad thing, especially if you’re in the mood to have that and not have to grasp too deeply a revolution to the medium. Hence, why the art style is actually nice. That is the revolution over the content.

Suggest it?

Yeah. It’s a touch dark, but nothing most of the other major shonen manga and anime haven’t done already.

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