Video Game Review Tuesday: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)

I have a feeling this is one of the first games most people buy when they finally buckle and pay up for a Switch. I mean, that’s what my family did and what a few of our game group friends did, and there were only, like, 10 games available at that time.

This is freaking pretty. Are we getting the idea that I’m a lot more lenient on story matter if the graphics are spot on? The story in this is excellent, regardless. I did not grow up on Zelda games though, so this being my first exposure to the game series was either one of the best or worst decisions on introing me to the franchise.

I can’t play it worth crap. I’m terrible at puzzle games and I die…a lot. That dang kite.

So, after an hour and a half of futile frustration and just wanting to watch the pretty story I shoved it in Wren’s face and went “play this for me.” As is my habit.

A good 50+ hours later and the end of the major boss, I could say I really liked the game. Loved the storyline, loved the art rendering, loved the little koroko pop up puzzles. Those I could grasp. The dungeon puzzles? Nope. Just, nope, completely useless backseat driver here.

Handed it over to kiddo now they’re reading comprehension is up and they flew through that thing once they grasped the dungeon games. So, I’m sitting over here doing a review as someone who couldn’t even get out of the first event stage, having watched an adult and a kid do this run through and have a great old time. I could keep track of what recipes to mix and spot random koroko seeds, but after that, completely useless.

Honestly, I loved the story so much that I pre-order Hyrule’s Castle because I was hoping it was going to be a repeat of this world immersion. Wrong. Very wrong. I was able to play as a secondary character with Wren, which was fun, but the fact that it wasn’t open world exploration and rather major battle overload wasn’t what we were hoping for. Kiddo likes it a lot though and has been playing it for several weeks, so it’s got glowing reviews from that side.

Looking at other recent games that have come out for the Switch, Breath of the Wild, for art and storyline dynamics is still winning out several years later since it’s release date.

I can’t play it worth crap, but I would deeply suggest it for anyone who has a bit of game experience or is willing to curse at themselves for several hours if they are really bad at timing puzzles.

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