Lovestory Manga Wednesday: Kuroneko Kareshi no Asobikata

There are several books in the set of Kuroneko or Black Cat. This specific one tends to be popular because you can get hold of it over here in America, where as a lot of the others you have to find through manga websites or read Raws if you are able to read Japanese. Still working on that part.

The concept of a werecat is fun. I enjoy form-change characters. However, this one…is a bit cringy.

More like a lot cringy.

The graphics are decent. The panel cuts and the speed of the story are paced well enough for a bit of “homoerotic smut” story line. But why start the whole thing off on the MC liking to sleep around and then getting drugged by a different guy interested in him? Like, just because someone enjoys sleeping around doesn’t mean that you can just invite yourself into them without their permission.

This is a failure at consent from the very start.

Developed feelings and anything else that takes place in the story, seeing as it’s designed for the eye candy feel, are all secondary. The potential for trusting a character was obliterated from the beginning. Why is this such a popular line pursued in these types of stories? While we’re at it, wtf, why make the characters cry during interactions? Or ignore them when they say no and stop?

Again, publishing industry, step up and start turning away these types of stories. I don’t like the idea of telling people to censor stuff, but this kind of material needs to not be mass marketed in a positive light, which makes it look permissible because it has a trad press label associated with it.

Uneven character relationship balance from the get go, just to add to the list of major complaints.

This is a nope from me.

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