Mobile Game Review: Mystic Code

Okay, this one went down a lot better than Genius games that I’ve been reviewing the last few times. This has a vague otome feel to it with gaining people’s “intimacy” levels, though, I feel like that might be the incorrect translation. That it means friend or respect or admiration instead.

The graphics for this are good. There is a bit more interactive material around the major story line. The detective aspect of it is fleshed out with options. You do have to be aware of your hearts, keys, and clovers. There are in-app ads that run along the bottom of the screen and you can opt in to watching them to gain clover points. At a certain amount of game play, it will just auto load in ads, but it doesn’t break the story when it happens.

There is a decent recharge rate for hearts if you make a bad choice. However, because I am wary of wasting hearts, I did end up going through 2 bad endings in the first few hours of play out of curiosity. It makes you start back from the very beginning, you are warned. However, that isn’t entirely a bad thing. It takes a bit of juggling, but you’ll quickly figure out which answers will gain you those “intimacy” points, which pretty much means the characters either like or trust you and more routes open up.

Some of the character dialogue is going to sound contrived. That might be poor story building, but I have a feeling it has more to do with translation and cultural understanding or dialogue scripts. My major focus areas were in Japanese and Chinese history with Korea being a bit of a minor element. With some work, I have been slowly remedying this oversight (hello pretty manwha). This is why I’m thinking some of the speech patterns feel…rough? Not grammatically inaccurate, but more grammatically static. Maybe too formal? That might be the feeling I’m getting. Once you’ve gotten a good hour in on the game, the dialogue patterns become second nature and aren’t as in your face.

At this point, I haven’t had to lay out any money. I can appreciate the art and direction teams that took this and gave it a good run. I am more than happy to run the ads to gain the credits to keep the game moving along, and the pricing for the clovers does not appear at first glance to be egregious as long as you’re working your options in the game correctly.

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