Anime Cinema Friday: As Miss Beelzebub Likes

To explain my love affair with this little pastel demon anime, let me set the seen. March 2019, Wren and I get it in our heads to go to Japan, finally. It was both our dreams. I mean, I pretty much got my degree in Asian Art History and Asian History specificially to study anime and manga.

This had just had a great run and was fluffy and cute and I might have had a thing for Miss Beelzebub…blame that on the fluffy soot ball things.

Ehem. Anyways. We get to Japan and see a ton of cool stuff.

Then. I find it. The holy grail. At least one of them. A manga bookstore in Akihabara. I am drooling on all the books and wishing I could read them (help me, I live in a crap state where I can’t find someone to correspond in Japanese with). I grab up That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. And then I see it. The last book in the pile at the end of the row.

Brown cover. First volume. Low and behold, it is the first volume of As Miss Beelzebub Likes It. I nab it, and have a minor panic attack as I make sure I have the correct coinage. Face down the honestly rather nice desk clerk where they give me my total in the slowest possible voice so I understand while showing me the bill total. My heart is racing. I give them change and I escape with my prized possession. To discover: I had bought the one with words. Not images.

And that was my introduction to what the difference was between a light novel and a manga. Congrats me. Face palm. It now resides on my shelf, longing for me to be able to read it, me longing to touch it. Star crossed lovers.

You get the jist.

It’s cute. It’s sweet. There isn’t a lot of dynamic relationship whose it what’s its. Her assistant has a crush on her. She’s just a little bit ditsy. I love it, and some day over the rainbow I will actually be able to read the book on my shelf and see what other glorious adventures awaits me outside of the anime. Loved that anime.

Suggest it. Yes. So many times yes.

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