Sunday Afternoon Movie Review: Soul

A fantastically inspirational piece with a depth in both filmmaking, art direction, and character depth, I am thrilled to have been able to see it.

This is a platanic partnership that expands upon the concept of teacher and pupil. The idea that one teaches the other, and really references back to the old way of acknowledging that sometimes it is not the older of the two in the relationship that is teaching.

I do applaud the direction the team went with the concept of spark, which I do not want to spoil. So, all in vague terms. The idea that a soul is complete when it has found the idea of life intriguing. Not necessarily that the soul has found “a calling” or “the thing the soul will be best at doing”. No, it really went more towards, what makes life worth it? What is it about the world that someone would wish to be in it? That at one point in time, a soul decided it was ready.

I love this concept of portrayal. The idea that people aren’t here to fulfill a job, be a placeholder, or become something great. That instead, it is that a person found the idea of some aspect in the world fascinating, intriguing, beautiful.

In a way, it is both simple and complex. It heavy hands some of the metaphors, I mean, some kids movies do need heavy handed metaphors so the parents can enjoy the more subtle innuendos so as not to lose their minds. This one though, it really reached into some depths. The art form, stylistic approach, animated motion, and imagination within the show carried well for younger children who are not yet able to grasp some of the deeper concepts that older children would, and yet teenagers would find a different meaning, and then again it ages into the different phases of adulthood. It is one of those good movies that spans the age groups easily enough and speaks to each in its own time.

Did I cry? Almost at one spot near the end. Not so much because it was outright sad, but because of the depth of caring the main character had for his partner and his realization of his mistakes and his willingness to move past his own selfish desires to truely step into the role of a mentor. To become something more than himself. To become the teacher that he was not quite doing well at being at the beginning of the movie.

If I had to name a scene I liked the most, it has to be the monochromatic black and white sequence early on in the show when the main character falls off the moving walkway through the dimensions. I love abstract animation with music like that. Sort of reminded me of the Fantasia movies. Fantasia is my all time favorite movie done by Disney. So, it’s easy to appeal to me if someone gets artsy with abstract soothing animation and throws very well times music at it.

I’m going to deeply suggest this one. It does not hurt like Inside Out, Old Yeller or Coco. Not sure I can ever touch any of those ones again. Sorry, I cannot devote that type of emotional overload. Soul really carries itself in this new age and I’m thrilled with the direction it took.

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