Manga Cafe Monday: The New Gate

This one is proving to be excellent the second time around. I caught it the first time just as the first couple chapters released and kept up with it for about 15 releases before life happened and I forgot to check in and keep up with it.

Getting into the second reading and seeing how far it has come, I’m still loving it. It has an old school version feel to Solo Leveling, but with good side characters that really add to the storyline. I mean, there is a reason there is a manwha called Solo Leveling.

This one though, The New Gate, it came out within the same time frame as SAO. So, I think when I first encountered it, I was a bit jaded with so many copy cat video game isekais.

Several years since then, and entering back into The New Gate, I have to say this one has a good feel all the way around with both MC and side character development. Sometimes it’s nice to run into a whole pack of OP characters.

There is a little bit of fan service, but not egregious enough to be overwhelmingly offputting. Seen way to much of that in other manga. It’s acknowledgable, but not unpalatable.

The art style, for the several years worth of releases it’s gone through has been relatively consistent from frame to frame. The panel work is spaced well. Large spreads are interspersed for dramatic moments without becoming overwhelming – looking at you Naruto.

In a way, it has that kind of…how can I put it…wholesome feel that I get out of the anime Gate or the manga 1/2 Prince. It gives you that JRPG feel, gives you the standard DnD classes and statuses, and just, at this point, a bit of nostalgia.

It’s not super dark like Goblin Slayer. I’d call it a decent manga that would appeal to a crowd looking for something a bit more harkening back to .Hack//Sign or Rurouni Kenshin. That feel of over powered characters that have regrets and wishes and a desire to exist. There are motivations pushing the plot forward without it dragging, great dynamic fight scenes as the MC learns about the world, and touching moments that are well timed without turning the thing into a tissue drama.

If you got through Solo Leveling, Overlord, and Log Horizon and are craving more, please for the love give me more, The New Gate can give you those needed Isekai feels.

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