Video Game Review Tuesday: God of War (PS4)

Pull at the heart strings, why don’t you? The video sections are just enough for you to feel that cold grip of the setting, the tension, sorrow, and frustration of the characters, and the slow growth they develop as they start on their journey.

I tend to pick up video games for my Christmas and birthday presents. Works easier. Wren usually says he doesn’t know what to get me. So, I tend to go buy games or plants, though I picked up a long board this year to learn how to ride. Anyways. I picked this one up 2-3 years back for Christmas? I think? I found a used copy of it for like $10 and was quite thrilled. I’d wanted to play it for a long time. Had no clue what it was about, the cover just looked epic. I’m one of those cover nerds, sorry.

So, I switch this thing on (p.s. I am not any good at actually playing games) and get through some of the movement tutorials. This one works out rather nicely and the graphics, for the age on it are still in that good category for me. For some reason, I didn’t realize there was a kid involved in this video game. I mean, they’re right there on the front cover of the video game. I just didn’t think they were a controllable secondary character.

This is a heavy rail game. It keeps you moving along a course of action. You have some will in the rail movement, a bit of exploring. For the love of all your xp, EXPLORE everything the game will allow you to before doing the “mandatory” tasks it will keep trying to pull you to.

I didn’t the first go around. Wren picked up the game from me a couple weeks later and I watched him scramble into a ton of places I didn’t even realize I could access when I did my first two hour run. Facepalm. He got so much cool loot. Jealous much. So, there’s a quick lesson for you.

Now. That rail bit. Oh My Freaking brute characters. I died. I died a lot. I’m bad at coordination, but it bites into my stubborn streak because of some of the awesome combo sets. That’s why I said, do everything in your power to find everything that will boost your xp before you get to the various bosses, ’cause those bosses are gonna make you cry if you aren’t good at games. *speaking from experience*.

Do I recommend? Uh…do you like smash ’em bash ’em style games? Yes? Then yes, do it. No? Then…probably not gonna be your thing.

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