Lovestory Manga Wednesday: Majo no Biyaku


No. I get it. I do. It’s supposed to be a quick bit a gratifying smut. But I had to drop out of 5 chapters. Now, there wasn’t gratuitous flirtatious cleavage shots, or nakedness up to where I dropped out.

It’s just the set up? I would be all over this like a flea on a dog back during my teenage years. That concept of just a tall dark and handsome showing up and suddenly pampering me and in general being that “lust interest”.

Now though, it’s suffocating. There is no depth to the purpose behind the character. The main is naive. The love interest is flat. There was an excuse provided at the very beginning of the story for the LI’s actions.

It comes off strongly gaslighty. I’m not getting bad vibes on it 5 chapters in. Not in the same way Kuroneko drove me up the wall. This one, I can almost hear that alto-sax 80s romance music playing in the background. It was definately constructed by a woman for a woman’s perspective. I can’t deny that. It’s just…like…why?

I’m floundering here. The guy is robotic. The woman is just a floundering ball of confused virgin horney who’s fixated on kissing.

The art isn’t bad. It’s consistent. The panels flow nicely. The toning is cut and dry so to speak (like, the cutting was a bit stark on the toning paper literally).

It’s just, cringy.

I think this is the problem of making the romance industry one of my major review focuses and studying the psychology of interpersonal relationship development and what abuse cycles look like.

I get into these stories and they just flag for me. It’s one of those “this is problematic to portray and perpetuate” and yet also admitting that I loved this type of stuff in my younger years. In saying that, I would say this probably still has a completely valid audience and I am probably no longer the target market for it.

Has the market shifted, or am I just really wrapped up in relationships being balanced and consensual without manipulative methods and bad explanations for the circumstances revolving around certain events that lead to characters hooking up without enough emotional depth involved?

Seriously. This guy just straight up kisses her in the first five minutes of meeting her and she goes all weak in the knees.

I’m ranting. I’ll leave this one up to you.

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