Mobile Game Review: Underworld Office

I don’t hate it.

I have a feeling I might be just to the left of the scope of who this is marketed to. I say that because of the text relay methodology and the musical score.

Honestly, I tried playing this a few weeks back so I could get ahead on this post. I got through to the train in the first chapter and had to bail. The musical score, the color palatte, and the text message styled script screamed my emo teenage years and was making me feel pretty empty about life. I won’t use the term depressed, because that is highly dismissive to people with the condition. I think the character in this might suffer from some type of mental health condition. I am no expert. If someone knows what it is, leave a comment.

So, I pulled it off, rather disappointed in finding it a despondent theme and weird style. Then I had to face down that I had the review scheduled. I have 5 years of reviews scheduled, even if they aren’t filled out yet. This keeps me accountable, exposes me to a wide variety of topics, and makes sure I have something I’m doing. I didn’t want to go back and change things. Instead, I challenged myself to push my way through the game as far as I could for a two hour time frame with the music on mute this time around to see if that improved my experience. Yes, it did, for me, to a point.

Regardless of the prospect of me probably not being the target audience, I could appreciate the amount of time taken by the art team to create the animations and effects, the musical talent, timing, and cleanliness of the application itself. The dialogue flows well and there are no noticeable grammar or typo errors that would come off as distracting.

The story would ring really well for people who like dark anime and manga where someone slips the void by accident and ends up in a ghost detective agency. I’m personally partial to those anime. Hence why I said I think I’m a little left of the target audience. I like the idea of the topic, but the presentation style might suit a younger audience, college age probably.

I cannot honestly say that I would or would not suggest it. I would caution users predisposed to anxiety and mental health issues in that field to approach with minor caution for the first chapter. I ran out of tokens for the second and did not bother letting them recharge.

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