Anime Cinema Friday: Jujutsu Kaisen

Between the manga and the anime, Jujutsu Kaisen’s production and publishing teams hold up their partnerships pretty well.

They don’t skimp on the scripts, if anything, they add in action to scenes that otherwise were rather short in the manga because of the perspective of the shifting camera around monsters during action sequences. Emotion was given time to breath and come into itself. The voice acting in Japanese is well rounded. Sometimes you can hear when a voice acter isn’t into what they are doing, this one really decides to go for the tear ducts with both the vocalist quality and the musical scores and theme songs.

The art style is kept similar between the manga and anime. Sometimes you run into those anime that take the storyline of the manga and keep to it, but change the presentation line weight, the eyes, the face shape, the basic presentation of character. Or sometimes it’s the backgrounds. Don’t get me wrong, some anime really need that and I’m thankful when the anime can take the manga to new hights.

When a manga is good already and the anime runs with it, sometimes its just an absolutely beautiful form of respect for the author and illustrators.

This anime is within the slightly older shonen jump subscribers. Appealing to people who love martial arts/psychic power characters and want to delve into some of the deeper contexts without devoting themselves to being psych-horror. A bit more truth wrapped in a structure of people trying to figure out who is stronger than the other.

I have to appreciate how the go about the female characters in here. The author didn’t go for fan service. Instead, the women are strong, independent, and willing to give someone an earful without being stereotypical. They’re well rounded characters, fully fleshed out.

Some goes for the men. Providing the men with the capacity to access emotions revolving around friendships and a lowering of the toxic masculinity act is a great step in the direction of new role models.

I hope, with the popularity surrounding this anime, to see more production companies willing to take up manga series for animation that also uphold these types of strong values.

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