Book Review: Freedom’s Landing | Anne McCaffrey

As you will find in the coming months, if not years, Anne McCaffrey is one of my favorite authors. So, fair warning, I’m pretty biased toward her materials.

I have read Freedom’s Landing about six times now. I will admit that I like it more than the rest of the series. I’ve only read the rest once and have a very vague memory of how the rest of the storyline goes.

The setting is all consuming and deep. The characters are almost well rounded. I say that because the main character has the proper amount of emotional depth and realistic relaitability to say she is a fully developed character. The Love Interest…maybe not as much. Decent, but some substance is lost by making him so very culturally different as to almost be robotic in certain actions. Emotions are there, but maybe its because he is meant to not be completely relatable or “alien” that the story really works for what McCaffrey did with it.

I’m very much in favor of storylines that explore a rebuilding of civilization. Something post-apocolyptic or Robinson Crusoe style. It contains within it momentum to pull the story along on, providing inciting incidents to propel the characters forward, while taking the time to pinpoint actual failings within the modern social structures that would benefit society to be rid of. (Sexism I think being the big one here).

This is up there in my books for a GOOD sci-fi that leaves lazer weapons in the dirt and instead looks at what a group of intelligent beings could do when presented with a new living environment, a decent set of resources, and enough wherewithal on how to use those resources. A utopic society mayhaps? Not quite. But reaching for massive changes to the structure that otherwise is almost impossible to sway with how large the world is now.

My one complaint is the MC/LI major scene…it’s lacking. Though it is consistent with the style McCaffrey writes for all of her other books, so it is not surprising. I think, with her aptitude of description and world building, that those scenes could have been fleshed out better. Saying it though, not all authors are comfortable writing adult scenes of that nature, and there really is nothing wrong with a lack of description if the author just isn’t comfortable with it. So that one really is a me problem and not the book itself.

Anways, up there on my recommended list.


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