Sunday Afternoon Movie Review: Rango

A slapstick western with a far from home vibe, this movie took the reigns and road off into the sunset.

It’s cute in all the right ways, breaks the fourth wall when it needs to, and calls out a bunch of things that always seem to be just a touch odd.

Has a slight “The Village” touch to it, as the outsider comes into the fold and has to learn quick what it is to fit in and when fit in is just going to get him killed.

I love that this goes from modern day to psuedo-1800s western and back to modern day.

It fits into one of those classics that I’m glad remained as a single movie and wasn’t heisted to make a bunch of “spin off tv series” from. They could have taken it there with the indication of something big living under the ground and the world they live in at large, but respecting that boundary was probably one of the better choices the production house made.

I give this one a big go ahead. It’s not a “watch it all the time” favorite, but I did like the concept. A good western a couple times a year spices things up a touch.

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