Manga Cafe Monday: Kumo desu ga, nani ka?

Disclaimer: I started watching the anime before reading the manga.

The anime is good, though getting used to some of the computer graphic rendered elements takes a bit of getting used to. I’d say it took about 3 episodes to be okay with that. The MC talks really fast and it takes me a bit to keep up with what is going on. Dynamic action. Lots of words on screens. It feels like a headache waiting to happen.

So, I figured, seeing as I liked the idea of the story, reading the manga might be better. I could read the MC’s internal monologue at a better pace for me.

OMG, this thing feels like a slog. If fast paced can be a slog. She does a ton of info dumping, which can, when you’ve watched the anime, feel like it’s taking forever to get anywhere. Why? Because of the vast amount of time taken on the MC’s internal monolguing!

I’m curious as to why the art team took the direction using computer graphics rendering in the anime compared to what it would have been had they gone with traditional means. Seeing as manga doesn’t have that problem, I can see where the traditional method would have been less knee jerk reaction. However, there are pans and framing spins that work better for dynamic action through Blender and After Affects that they use that is not featured in the manga.

This particular manga is currently teaching me about the depth of world building one can go, and how far one can take it before potentially losing the interest of the reader. If you don’t spend enough time on the story, world, and character development, you can also lose the reader. They won’t feel a connection. At a certain point though, it can become overwhelming and the character can become annoying essentially.

I would not say that the manga is not worth reading due to this … how should I say … long winded character? Just, be prepared. Otherwise, the action, watching her puzzle through situations, and the go get ’em attitude is fun, especially because she can achieve some awesome things, but she is not so OP as to ascend her cave dungeon in the first chapter or two.

The slap dash humor thrown in during tough situations gives you insight into both the stressful situation the character is going through, and her coping mechanism for processing what has happened to her.

I’m glad it got an anime series.I like the MC’s character design in it. The little color dashes and decorations she gets with each evolution is amusing.

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