Video Game Review Tuesday: Bioshock (PS4)



Give me, give me, give me.

I have a love affair with dystopic worlds, post-apocalyptical stories, art history, and psych horror, and smash ’em bash ’em games. This. Does. It. All.

I got this as The Collection series used when I picked up God of War, The Witcher 3, and Diablo 3 a couple years back. I couldn’t quite take playing the game. I have some serious issues with anxiety and seizure triggers and this one was easier to watch be played instead of playing it myself. So I handed it over to Wren during his Christmas break from work and went “here’s your Christmas present to me.” Talk about a confused look. I wanted to watch the game.

I find, with some jump-scare dark games, that if I’m able to look away from the screen when I’m overloaded for a couple minutes here and there, I can keep watching the story. I’d probably do pretty good with watching Twitch streaming, I guess.

This is another rail-puzzle game. It’s not quite an open world. The convenience of how the whole world is set up in buildings is that the restrictive map layout doesn’t feel as contrived as some “out in the world” games do when you’re put on rail.

The mystery puzzles in this help the game keep going well after you’ve opened up each map. It keeps you going back and forth in your exploration cycle and I like that aspect. You get familiar with the surrounding and can anticipate how the music signals certain events. Some rail games don’t let you backtrack through your map and that can make the game feel overwhelmingly busy, like you don’t get to take a breather and gain your bearings.

I’m also just overly partial to the color palate in this and the character designs. I want this to have so many more renditions, but I wouldn’t want it to go bad like the Fallout 76 or Bioshock 3 franchise just jumped the shark and ruined the expansions.

Is it still playable? Yes. So much yes. Speaking from the person who was couch seat driving the player.

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