Book Review: The Stars May Rise and Fall | Estella Mirai

First impression here after getting through some other book reviews up to this point: It is such a clean read. What I mean by that is this thing has been combed through with a substantive edit and proofread that has done the job.

I find myself, these days, checking what page I’m on, what chapter I’m in, how far I’ve gotten through a book when doing reviews. I’m looking for some relief, knowing that I’ll get to the end. This one just reads. I got to chapter 4 before having to be interrupted to make an appointment. I didn’t notice the pages moving.

It’s not that it’s full on action packed and fast paced. Enough information is provided to inform the reader and keep the pace moving from event to event while developing the characters.

Some things feel questionable early on. Coming from an American perspective, going over to someone’s house that you don’t know and who won’t be completely up front about who they are and what they do just spells out a recipe for serial killer. Where as, maybe it’s not such an iffy concept in Japan. That was my one main hang up with the premise of the story, but once I did the whole “go with it, suspend disbelief” the flow of the book moved.

That’s the thing. Books, storylines are supposed to flow. Maybe not from one location to the next, but from one scene to the next it should be a smooth movement. In a way, The Stars May Rise and Fall was like paired dancing and the author leads beautifully.

I did read through The Phantom of the Opera, the original before approaching this book. I had never really gotten into TPO. It just never quite sang to me to break into why it was so popular. The presentation for this book takes the base concept up to the modern world and really plays to a modern audience.

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