Manga Cafe Monday: Poison Dragon: The Legend of Asura

I’ve been looking for a manwha to stand on the same stage as Solo Leveling since I binged that one and am now stuck to bi monthly release cycles. The ever present woahs of finding a really good manwha or manga and reading everything available in one sitting.

This one did the same thing. I binged it all the way up to the release cycle. Give it. All of it. Now.

The art style doesn’t quite keep up with SL, but the topic and the vengeance is on-freaking-point. I appreciate the color choices and the background work. The pacing is a bit rough right at the start, sort of like kicking the clutch a couple times to turn over, but doesn’t take much to get into it.

The character’s plight and subsequent revenge is built to make the reader sympathize and it is done in a rather dramatic method. You get past what broke him and can be 100% behind his methodologies. You want to see more. You want the corruption to be leveled to the ground.

I will say, having some of the “techniques” translated into English does make the impact of some of the actions a bit underwhelming. That one is an issue in translation though, and not the content of the story and art. Not everyone minds that. Just a heads up for those who love high stakes action and there’s all these martial arts techniques that come out and it sounds…less strong for the translation.

Poison Dragon is going to be in the: if you can handle watching torture, and want a dynamic hero, this will do the trick.

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