Lovestory Manga Wednesday: Murcielago


I couldn’t get into it.

It’s very popular and has quite a few series to it. I just couldn’t do it. The art style lost me, and the primary character. The author honestly did a good job for setting her up and keeping her character. They didn’t make her into the shining wallflower or the belle of the ball. She murders and looks like it.

That’s where I have to go: this was a me thing. Not the fault of the author. The panels ran smoothly enough. Most of the action sequences lined up like they should. The backgrounds were rendered well.

I just could not click with the leading pair of characters. For the most part, I like weird characters. In a way, the style reminded me of Deadman Wonderland when I first opened up the manga, so I hoped it would go somewhere in that direction. That might have been where things went wrong for me. I had expectations that weren’t quite what the manga itself needed in me coming into the story.

I don’t know who to suggest this one to. It does have rather blatant mature content and gets into some nit and grit for those who might be a bit gore shy, if that helps.

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