Manga Cafe Monday: The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

First note: The art style is different from the cover.

Second note: it’s a full color scrolling manwha.

Third note: this is a video game story, but they guy isn’t locked into it. He still has a regular life. Which is a bit different from the standard trapped in a video game or reincarnated in a different world vibe.

With those out of the way, let’s begin.

The first say, five chapters are a set up for explaining the character is poor, has led a rather despondent life, sacrificed a lot for his family, you know, backstory. It drags a bit, only because I got into thinking it was going to have a similar graphic style to Solo Leveling. I was trying to find a replacement to binge because I enjoyed that one so much.

The first season of this manwa has an…interesting? art style. After having tried to make a webcoming of my own, I noticed this was a developmental series for the creator. Someone not completely proficient with the software and still learning. The faces are very much all exactly the same. However, color, gradient, and texture do improve as the story goes on. Once the second season hits, I don’t know if the artist took a hiatus for a time or got someone else to do panels for them or what, but that style changes drastically. It goes from kind of a hand done feel to polished standard studio work, like what you get out of Solo Leveling. So, the first couple chapters of season 2 are you getting used to the new art style.

What can I say about the story? It’s pretty standard. Guy needs money. Somehow playing a game makes money. So, he max levels his character in order to sell it because that worked for him in the past. You get to go through his adventures as he maxes this character. I haven’t seen anything really revolutionary in it. He got lobed a job title he didn’t really want. Then he became a jack of all trades type character as a way to make more money, but that’s apparently either a “trash character” as they put it int he translation or, from what I understand, not a normal character because he can do a lot of things well.

Essentially, he can put a lot of time in on the game, where as most other people can’t, so he’s able to do insane stuff in the game because of it.

Is it worth a read. Yes. Is it top priority, no. I’m glad I found it though. It has a comfortable pacing and storyline. There aren’t many uncomfortable emotion scenes (rom-com, etc.) so it feels like it would fit a large audience. Blood, guts, and dark elements are almost non existent in this one. Really, I think the only blood section has to deal with him defeating a castle of vampires and them going all neck sucky in maybe two panels? So, I’d say it doesn’t need much in the way of content warnings.

Are there ways of improving the story? Not really. It’s solid. Most of the plot holes resolve rather nicely and in a timely manner. Most of the side characters feel like side characters. You don’t learn a great amount of emotional character development from them, because they are not the point of the story. A couple times through the story, the MC is faced with quest options that a regular player would respond in a regular way, and instead he either accepts or declines those, which then turned into a different type of quest. That little element came across as new and different to me.

A good portion of the story is the character taking after the story. Some of the points are the story taking after the character. What I mean by that is the character makes a lot of decisions for himself and proceeds with his plans with his own to hands. Then, every once in a while, he gets lobbed an undeniable quest that he is railroaded into taking, so the story happens to him in that way. Even when presented with that, he puts his own spin on the task to improve the outcome.

It’s an enjoyable read with the ability to step away from it or binge the thing. I had a hard time stepping away from Solo Leveling, so if you’re in a busy season, like university or something, this one you can set down when you need to actually get studying done. A few other manga and manwha I’ve read are super hard to put down and are better left to summer breaks and such.

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