Chapel Orahamm

Thornton Gibson is an Asian Art and Asian History Academic. Writing under the pen name Chapel Orahamm for their fictional material, they enjoy exploring science fiction and fantasy worlds through the eyes of their characters.

Content Warning

-18+, not suitable for young people

-Depiction and mention of but not limited to: nudity, sex, violence, abuse, death, homophobia, racism, sexism, trauma, war, language.

-These are adult books and illustrations created for an adult audience. They are dark, gritty, and deal with emotional and physical trauma. They all have non-fade-to-black sex scenes often involving LGBTQ+ characters.

-Reader and viewer discretion is advised.

Current Works in Progress

To Be Gilded: A Victorian-style Romance

Melancholic Harmony: Country boy x Merman Romance 1929

The Feather on My Scale: Gods of Fire book 2

Soul Transfer: An Isekai Anti-Hero Fantasy

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