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May 2021 Review Schedule

May 1: Book Review: The Shield Road | The Moss Baron May 2: Sunday Afternoon Movie Review: Soul May 3: Manga Cafe Monday: The New Gate May 4: Video Game Review Tuesday: God of War (PS4) May 5: Lovestory Manga Wednesday: Majo no Biyaku May 6: Mobile Game Review: Underworld Office May 7: Anime Cinema…

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April 2021 Review Schedule

April 1: Mobile Game Review – Lanota April 2: Anime Cinema Friday – Alice to Zouroku April 4: Book Review – The Shield Road | The Tree of Morh April 5: Manga Cafe Monday – Tate no Yusha no Narai Gari April 6: Video Game Review Tuesday – Kingdom Hearts 1 (PS2) April 7: Lovestory…

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